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Of Cucumber Sandwiches and Chocolate Éclairs

30 Jan

chocolate brownie

The ultimate in sophisticated indulgence must be Afternoon Tea at the Mount Nelson (in the heart of beautiful Cape Town for those not in the know).  My two bridesmaids and I went there this afternoon for a post wedding thank you treat and emerged two hours later feeling like ladies of leisure,  with a most […]

Thai food showdown

22 Jan

One of the benefits of being a slightly obsessive list-a-holic and record keeper, is that I don’t have to rely on my fallible memory when someone says “Let’s go out for dinner tonight – where shall we go?”,  and of my course my mind immediately erases all knowledge of the hundreds of restaurants I’ve been […]

Muisbosskerm – the West Coast Feast

15 Jan


Muisbosskerm is a west coast gem, literally off the beaten track (you have to pay a toll to use the railway service dirt road) between Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay.  On a whim it became our party of 12’s Old Year’s Day lunch destination, although “lunch” is hardly a sufficient way to describe the feast […]

Hout Bay Manor

6 Jan

Hout Bay Manor View

A generous gift from my in-laws gave me a real taste of “the good life” recently.  My (brand new) husband and I were lucky enough to spend a night in the exquisite Hout Bay Manor boutique hotel and enjoy some serious indulgence and rejuvenation. The first thing that struck me about Hout Bay Manor is […]

Mozambique Honeymoon Part 2 – Tofo, Inhambane

4 Jan

Tofo Beach

Tofo beach must be one of the most beautiful in the world with a picture-perfect  white sand, crystal clear WARM water, palm trees, and surprisingly uncrowded.  We stayed at the Casa Barry Lodge in a rustic one room reed casita (chalet), right next to the beach (as pretty much everything is in Tofo).   We got […]