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Mozambique Honeymoon Part 1 – Barra, Inhambane

3 Jan

Flamingo Bay

Mozambique is a land of contradictions and astounding natural beauty (on land and beneath the sea!).  Inhambane is overwhelmingly rural and poor, but with pockets of renovation and luxury all over.  Cheese is hard to come by, but giant tiger prawns are available on your doorstep (literally) for next-to-nothing prices.  It was the perfect “exotic” […]

A new start, a new focus

1 Jan

There’s nothing like the year ticking over to inspire new beginnings and new focus.  Last year I experimented a bit in the blog world with my Pink Sheep’s Memos, which will remain my playground and scratch pad for now, but I’ve decided to focus this new blog on something I particularly love – going to […]