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Knead Bakery

29 Jun

Knead Bread

Some people are wine snobs, I am a chocolate snob, my husband however is a bread snob. Hence we don’t buy our bread pre-wrapped with the rest of groceries but instead rely on the home baked variety a la father-in-law, a FoodBarn rye on route home from a surfing expedition in Noordhoek, or, most ideally […]

Factory Shops and Coffee Stops – a winters day in J-Bay

19 Jun

Supertubes J-Bay

  So what does one do whilst waiting for one’s husband to finish surfing at Supertubes on a blustery winters day in Jeffery’s Bay? One might sit diligently in the rain and strain one’s eyes to take as many photos of be-wetsuited bodies cresting waves as possible hoping that at least one pic is of […]

Cederberg Getaway

7 Jun

Padstal outside Citrusdal

One of my dreams is to travel all over the world.  At the moment I’m looking forward to a jam-packed trip to Poland with the in-laws in July, and H and I have already started planning our “Thailand 2012 Diving  Adventure”.   In between the budget-breaking, leave-draining big holidays though, it’s the little adventures in our […]