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Bread & Wine

20 Aug


Have you ever had romantic images of baking your own bread? Perhaps waking up at 5am, kneading the dough and popping it in the oven for some freshly baked goodness before tripping off to whatever daytime job would also allow you to indulge in a secret passion for bottling your own jam or painting dramatic […]

Poland Holiday Part 3 – Masuria

14 Aug


The third and final leg of our Poland holiday took us north to Masuria (Polish: Mazury, German: Mazuren) – the beautiful lake district.  Although this is a popular summer holiday destination, the country roads are barely wide enough for two ordinary cars to pass each other, never mind our 9-seater Renault Trafic (aka Boris the Bus) […]

Poland holiday Part 2 – Elblag

11 Aug

Next to the Elblag market

En route to the next leg of our journey south-east to the city of Elblag we made a very worthwhile detour to the town of Malbork, specifically to the Malbork Castle, the largest brick building in the world. Built by the Teutonic knights in the 13th century (although construction and renovation doesn’t seem to have […]

Poland holiday Part 1 – Gdańsk

9 Aug

Probably as a result of the high-school history syllabus, Eastern Europe has always had quite bleak connotations for me: World War II, endless cold and communist deprivations.   After spending the last two weeks on holiday in Poland with my husband’s family, my associations have completely changed however.  Although the shadow of war and communist rule […]