Arniston Revisted

2 Feb

Sometimes, to truly relax, I feel that I actually have to get away from home, away from my beloved to-do lists and the (self-improved) pressure to be useful on the weekend. Arniston2 I have posted about Arniston before, but it remains one of favourite weekend-away spots and last weekend we were very fortunate to be invited to stay there in a friend’s legendary holiday house.  It was worth driving through there on the Friday night (it’s roughly 2 ½ hours from Cape Town) just so that when we woke up on Saturday morning, we were already in our “holiday” destination and felt a million miles from work and the usual weekend admin.  While Cape Town was apparently howling we enjoyed a gentle breeze with clear blue skies and the warmest water I’ve experienced since wallowing in Thailand’s bath-like sea.

Arniston4We started Saturday morning energetically enough with a pretty tough run through soft sand in the nature reserve, and then gave in to lolling on the beach until our tummies called us home.  Afternoon G&T’s, some post-G&T yoga (challenging), some highly competitive 30 seconds and an epic braai were order of the day.  On Sunday I took a walk along the beach with friends to the Waenhuiskrans cave, apparently so called because it’s big enough to fit several ox-wagons, while H took advantage of the warm water to surf in boardies for a change (as opposed to the high tech wetsuit that Cape Town waters require!).

Even such a short break was an amazing refresher and was probably more “useful” to my soul than any number of ticked off tasks.

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  1. Anne February 2, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    I want to go there too! You make it sound like the ultimate getaway place. I fully agree with the benefits of being freed from to-do lists and the need to be useful: sometimes we really simply need to BE!

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