Child-friendly Lunch Spots

4 May

Blue Water Cafe Hot ChocolateSince baby D came into our lives five weeks ago my world has, not surprisingly, come to revolve totally around him. As much as I appreciate the time at home with him, sometimes I really just need to get out and about to feel like a real person. All of a sudden, instead of scoping out places to wine and dine in the evenings, child/baby/pram friendly lunch spots have become the order of the day, and while I have reconciled myself to the fact that the Spur will no doubt feature heavily in my future, in the meantime I’m on the lookout for other options!

Blue Water Café – Imhoff

The last time I went to the Blue Water Café was actually two days before Little D was born (we came for a “final” celebratory breakfast with friends) but I can’t wait to bring him here when he’s a bit older and can play on the grass, climb the fort and appreciate the ducks and horses. There are always dozens of kids running around while their parents take advantage of the distraction to enjoy the great food and setting. I am a real salad snob (no limp lettuce/cucumber/tomato trio for me thanks), but their salads are top of the pops in my opinion as they have so many yummy things in them and are definitely filling enough for a main meal. The Eggs Royale (smoked salmon & poached eggs) is a winner for breakfast.

Blue Water CafeBlue Water Cafe - Organic Health Salad

Imhoff Farm

Café Roux – Noordhoek

I love the vibe of Café Roux, especially for breakfast with friends after a race (still in sweaty running clothes) or for a leisurely lunch on a public holiday. We went here for our first “outing” with Little D a few weeks ago and I revelled in the friendliness and the sunshine. Café Roux is very kid-friendly with a dedicated play area and even apparently catering for birthday parties (I’ll have to investigate that one day!). It’s the food that has kept bringing us back before though and my standard favourite is the Butternut crisp salad (pic below) which keeps me happily munching for ages.

Cafe Roux - Crispy Butternut & Goats Cheese Salad

Eden on the Bay – Big Bay

Our most recent baby-in-tow lunch jaunt has been to Big Bay where there are a whole variety of restaurants overlooking the most iconic view of Table Mountain over the bay. The big grassy area in front of the restaurants was the scene of much playing, ball throwing, tiny plastic motorbike riding and skateboarding and the beach just beyond full of wannabe mini-surfers. It’s another place I think we’ll appreciate as Little D gets older. The Eden Café always seems to be the most packed, but even the Kauai is one of the better ones. All of the spots along there provide perfectly pram-friendly places in the sun.

Big Bay

The Wild Fig – Observatory

Although a very different vibe from the lunch spots above The Wild Fig needs a special mention as a pram friendly posh pit stop. It has a wheel chair (or pram!) ramp and the waiter was more than attentive, even bringing me a small glass of water without me asking to pop the dummy in to keep it away from the flies.

As soon as Little D is old enough to voice his own opinion I’m sure our choice of lunch venues will gravitate more towards the plastic mat and burger variety, but I’m glad we’ve discovered a couple of options with proper salads on the menu in the meantime J



3 Responses to “Child-friendly Lunch Spots”

  1. Mya May 5, 2014 at 6:24 am #

    You have to ask Penny about the kid and dog friendly spot in Constantia. It’s lovely. I can never remember the name :-/ Surprised and excited about The Wild Fig! Hopefully
    Peter’s Place will deliver the goods too!

    • Cathy May 9, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

      Karen tells me Deer Park Cafe is also awesome for little people. Looking forward to checking out Peter’s place 🙂

  2. Anne May 5, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    Am SO glad you are back! Keep exploring and Little D is bound to lead you on to ever more interesting places.

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