Of Cucumber Sandwiches and Chocolate Éclairs

30 Jan

The ultimate in sophisticated indulgence must be Afternoon Tea at the Mount Nelson (in the heart of beautiful Cape Town for those not in the know).  My two bridesmaids and I went there this afternoon for a post wedding thank you treat and emerged two hours later feeling like ladies of leisure,  with a most worthwhile sugar headache.

The array of eats and treats is astounding (imagine being the pastry chef who has to conjure up THAT spread twice a day!) from the pucker crustless sarmies, little savoury scones and pastries, to the whole scaboodle of cakes, tarts, truffles, fudge and too many beautiful little creations topped with chocolate swirls and raspberries that I would be hard pressed to find the right name for.

Eats would nothing without the actual tea though, and with a four page menu of varieties, having ordinary old English breakfast or even Earl Grey seemed like a travesty. My first pot (because I have a great capacity for tea) was Orange and Berry Green Tea, infused for exactly 3 minutes (the accompanying egg timer takes care of that bit).  It was the perfect ever so slightly bitter yet fragrant accompaniment to my decadent chocolate truffle and cupcake.  Cath’s choice was a Berry and Lemon herbal infusion and Barbs went for some hearty sounding Russian black tea.  My second pot was creamy vanilla black tea, with a spot of milk which smelled like heavenly dessert in itself.

The buffet tea is served daily from 14h30 to 17h30 and costs R165 per adult.  There’s also a lighter tea served every morning. You can also buy vouchers which make a fantastic gift (thanks Barbs!).

Sweet dreams!

chocolate brownie

The last bite

Tea Time

Tea Time



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  1. me January 30, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    YUM! It sounds like THE most decadent treat!

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