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Noordhoek Farm Village

4 Sep

While the Foodbarn Deli’s award winning Pork & Red Wine pies may be my husband’s standard post-surf mission lunch, I don’t find myself in Noordhoek very often, so it was to my great delight that we managed to find a spot at the crowded and enticing Café Roux at the Noordhoek Farm Village this morning […]

Bread & Wine

20 Aug


Have you ever had romantic images of baking your own bread? Perhaps waking up at 5am, kneading the dough and popping it in the oven for some freshly baked goodness before tripping off to whatever daytime job would also allow you to indulge in a secret passion for bottling your own jam or painting dramatic […]

Knead Bakery

29 Jun

Knead Bread

Some people are wine snobs, I am a chocolate snob, my husband however is a bread snob. Hence we don’t buy our bread pre-wrapped with the rest of groceries but instead rely on the home baked variety a la father-in-law, a FoodBarn rye on route home from a surfing expedition in Noordhoek, or, most ideally […]