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Taste of Cape Town 2012

21 Apr

Banana whiskey butterscotch cheesecake

The tragedy of Taste of Cape Town is that to taste every delectable looking dish on offer you’d probably have to go three days in a row and burn through a lot of crowns (the festival currency).  Even with two of us sharing every dish (no duplicates allowed) we only managed to tick off a […]

Whisky Tasting and Chocolate Making

10 Dec

It’s been a very busy December with no signs slowing down just yet, so I’ve been a bit delayed writing up about two fantastic experiences I’ve had in Cape Town recently – Whisky Tasting and Chocolate (Dessert) Making!  Maybe this is perfect timing after all though as they are both gift ideas that I used […]

City Bowl Market on Hope

25 Sep

I’ve been meaning to go to the City Bowl Market since it opened earlier this year to a flood of positive reviews from the twitterati who called it the less pretentious version of the Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill (whose trendiness is only surpassed by the lack of parking).  I finally made it there […]