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Child-friendly Lunch Spots

4 May

Big Bay

Since baby D came into our lives five weeks ago my world has, not surprisingly, come to revolve totally around him. As much as I appreciate the time at home with him, sometimes I really just need to get out and about to feel like a real person. All of a sudden, instead of scoping […]

Knead Bakery

29 Jun

Knead Bread

Some people are wine snobs, I am a chocolate snob, my husband however is a bread snob. Hence we don’t buy our bread pre-wrapped with the rest of groceries but instead rely on the home baked variety a la father-in-law, a FoodBarn rye on route home from a surfing expedition in Noordhoek, or, most ideally […]

Lekker kos by Kalk Bay

10 Apr

Lunch at Olympia Cafe

(Lovely food at Cork Bay) Kalk Bay is hardly a secret spot for Cape Townians, but sometimes it takes having a visitor who you want to “show the sights” to make us appreciate what’s right on our doorstep.  My brother was just such a visitor this weekend and we took advantage of the beautiful late […]