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West Coast National Park & Darling

22 Sep

West Coast National Park

Possibly one of the best things about a proper sopping wet Cape Winter is the Cape Spring that follows.  If you’re not already queuing outside the West Coast National Park this morning, I suggest you go get your picnic basket on and make a plan to “go see the flowers”.  Last weekend, in the name […]


4 Mar

Paternoster padstal

This is one from the archives as I was there almost two years ago, but Paternoster remains the quintessential romantic west coast weekend get-away destination for me. The big blue sky (bluer than elsewhere I’m sure), white-washed buildings and colourful little fishing boats everywhere make it seems almost like a “set-up” village, too picture perfect, […]

Muisbosskerm – the West Coast Feast

15 Jan


Muisbosskerm is a west coast gem, literally off the beaten track (you have to pay a toll to use the railway service dirt road) between Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay.  On a whim it became our party of 12’s Old Year’s Day lunch destination, although “lunch” is hardly a sufficient way to describe the feast […]